Our Conference has been split into three tracks with each one focused on a different level of historical involvement.  Whether you're on the Board of your local historical organization, a leader looking for fresh ways to help your historical society thrive, or a history-lover wanting to celebrate your State's rich heritage, CCHS has the perfect track for you. 

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Strengthening Your Board

Strong historical societies begin with a strong board.  What does your board need to know to over-perform, and what are the pitfalls that your board wants to avoid?  In a topic-by-topic conversation, this session takes board leaders through the major issues your historical society either faces or will face.

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What's Working for Us

"We've been doin' it the same way for years..." may be the biggest sign that your historical society needs some fresh ideas. This track will focus on what is working really well for other historical societies and how your organization can implement some of these treasures.

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History Superstars!

Don't you wish you were able to have a conversation with some of the folks who shaped our State's history.  This is your opportunity to hear from (or as close to hearing from them as one can get) some of the people who have had huge impact on shaping our State.

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