Without History, there would be no future.


Historical societies play a vital role in preserving the records of the past.  Through limited funding and the tireless efforts of volunteers, they keep the story of the surrounding communities alive.  Even so, they need the support of those who share the passion of the past, who have the insight to realize the present is shaped by the choices of those who preceded us.

What choices created California as we know it today?  How did certain people rise from mundane existence to legend, where there names still mean something today?  "History Superstars" goes beyond entertainment, though there will be that, to explore the impact events and choices made in eras past are having in the present.

Each year, we send out a survey to our member organizations asking them what challenges they face.  The replies we receive are woefully similar: not enough funding, dwindling membership, lack of interest in their programs and events, and so on.  These problems were a driving factor in the creation of the "What's Working for Us" track we added this year.  We want to help historical societies meet these challenges head-on, overcome them, and thrive.

Finally, for those dedicated enough to sit on the Board of a historical organization, CCHS salutes you.  Your work is invaluable to the preservation of our great heritage.  We've designed "Strengthening Your Board" as a way to ensure your leadership runs as smoothly and effectively as possible, so your organization has a solid foundation on which to stand.

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "We are not makers of history.  We are made by history."


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