Speaker Bios

Julie Dobrick

Julie is the Senior Grant Writer at AltaMed Health Services Corporation, a non-profit healthcare company located in Los Angeles.  She has raised over 150 million dollars in her career through grants and other sources in both large and small organizations.  She will discuss provide a sample Grant Application and discuss how to write and execute the proposal as well as fundraising ideas for your organization.

Session One: Grant Writing 101 & Fundraising for your Non-Profit
Friday, June 22, 9:00 am


How many times have you lamented "If only I could find - or keep - that dream volunteer!"? Find out exactly what you can be doing to attract and retain volunteers who will work for your organization without causing you more headaches than it's worth. In this lively, engaging workshop, we will cover the six R's of a successful volunteer program - Readiness, Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, Record-Keeping and Risk Management. You will have the chance to get direction regarding your organization's own specific volunteer issues, and you will leave with concrete tools and a plan to expand your volunteer program.

Session Two: Running a Successful Volunteer Program
Friday, June 22, 10:15 am

Brian Dervin

Brian Dervin Dillon, Ph.D

Brian Dervin Dillon is a 5th generation Californian with Gold Rush ancestors, descended from pre-Famine and Famine Irishimmigrants, including the earliest (1650) Irishman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. An archaeologist, he is both the son and the father of historians. At twelve Dillon was one of the youngest and most energetic 1960’s San Francisco Hippies. At the ripe old age of 19, he left the Hippie scene for a career in Maya archaeology. A Phi Beta Kappa and Fulbright Fellow, at age 25 Brian was the youngest-ever U.C. Berkeley Ph.D. in Archaeology. Dr. Dillon has done archaeology in California since 1972, in Guatemala and three other Central American countries since 1974. Widely published in Maya and California archaeology and in California history, he was just honored with his 6th consecutive Coke Wood Award for historical writing by Westerners International. Brian was Sheriff of the Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners for 2017.

Luncheon: Keynote Speaker
Friday, June 22, 12:00 pm

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