Our Conference has been split into two tracks, one focused on organizational development and one on seeing first-hand what local historical sites and societies are doing successfully. Whether you're on the Board of your local historical organization, a leader looking for fresh ways to help your historical society thrive, or a history-lover wanting to celebrate your State's rich heritage, CCHS has something exciting for you! 

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Strong historical societies begin with strong leadership and innovative practices.  What does your organization need to know to thrive and grow, and what are the pitfalls that you need to avoid?  In a topic-by-topic conversation, this session takes organization leaders through the major issues your historical society, site or museum faces or will face in the future.

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Historic Tours

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will feature tours of historic sites that are succeeding in our area. We'll combine history and organizational development on these tours, where you can learn more about local history and about the best practices established by these organizations. 

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